Juvenex-Pro Ultra Fast Acting Eyelifting Cream product review.

One of the questions my friends often ask me is ‘how did I get rid of my under eye bags in just an instant?’ Some of them insisted that I used a botox cream. Some of them say I underwent clinical treatment.

They’re all wrong. Until now, they don’t have any idea how I did it.

Wanna know my secret?

Alright, read along… 🙂

To us ladies, under eye bags is really a ‘no-no’! Sobrang visible siya sa tao, kaya as much as possible we wouldn’t want to have those bags. Do you agree?

That is why eyelifting creams are of big help to this concern.

My secret? It’s the Juvenex-Pro Ultra Fast Acting Eyelifting Cream.

“Juvenex-Pro Ultra Fast Acting Eyelifting Cream instantly lifts sagging eye bags and gives a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of the eye area and the face in general. Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 combined with Albumin and Silicates produce a strong matrix when exposed to air that rapidly lifts the area where the serum was applied thus preventing sagging of the periorbital area due to the presence of adipocytic fats or edema. Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C and Vitamin E all provides a long term solution in preventing wrinkles and strengthening the collagen matrix of the skin to gradually decrease sag and improve the skin tone around the eyes.”

This is available for purchase at Racosme PH.

In just a matter of minutes after applying this cream, you’ll notice na nag lift na talaga yung under eye bags. That’s how powerful this cream is.

However, the downside is that, the effect is temporary. It’s effect is expected to last for upto 8 hours only.

But what I discovered is different. Napansin ko, the more I use it, the more na nagiging semi-permanent yung effect sa under eye bags ko.

Here, let me show you the effect of Juvenex-Pro in my eyes…

My under eye bags are really obvious, right? That’s before I use the Juvenex-Pro. After consuming my 1st pack, the effect is really evident. (Please refer to pictures above)

For only ₱680.00 PHP, my eyes are back to its original glow and beauty! Isn’t it amazing?

All thanks to Racosme Philippines for their amazing Juvenex-Pro Ultra Fast Acting Eyelifting Cream.



I don’t have the best luck with emulsion/lotion-type moisturizers. Laneige Bright Renew Emulsion left me shiny but unmoisturized, while Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Sparkling Mineral Lotion turned out to be heavier yet less impressive than I wanted. Also, almost every emulsion I’ve tried has come in a simple glass bottle that I end up having to angrily slap like a classic ketchup bottle just to dispense the product.

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